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October 1, 2007

Yahoo Update or Upset?

Wow, I have been checking in on the Yahoo update that I blogged on 9/27/07. They haven't announced completion, but they had stated it would take a few days. I certainly hope to hell they are NOT done. I did 5 searches, ones I am familiar with so that I would have a feel for the new algo or ranking terms. I searched over 300 pages of results...Some many times over. I checked pages, and I made every effort to determine some sort of pattern. I was unsuccessful. So I picked one of the queries that you guys might be most interested in....As most of you are not into home health care, and satellite equipment to present some information. Here's the disclaimer part....Check it out, I cannot believe what I saw...There is not guarantee they are done, so no real worries yet. The query I am using for this is "SEO blog", as I am very familiar with it, got a little race going with a friend.

On page 1 right away you will see Yahoo looking a whole lot more like Google. You will also notice Yahoo is pushing "china seo blog" in the also try area, first line, even before search engines and search engine marketing....That's odd...I am American. Note: Result here was the same even signed in...Is Yahoo trying to capitalize on Google's China troubles? Next in the top 6 results you will see only 2 descriptions. 3 pages do not have them, the other does but it is not displayed even though it is formatted properly and cached.
(Click to enlarge)


Next I was shocked to Chinese, French, and Hebrew (I think) languages in the serps. These occurred in the same place whether I was signed in or not..No I didn't click the "china seo blog" link! (Click to enlarge)

Yahoo serach results

Yahoo results SEO Blog

Then on page 4 in the # 37 position is a blog ranking for the terms "SEO blog", but it's a sign in page for "Free Wordpress hosting", the main page for that blog is on page 5 and it's content includes things like "Russian dating" and such. Mind you this site is ranked above Bruce Clay's main blog page, Dave Naylor, and SEO-Scoop. So, I continue searching for my blog......and searching.....At this point I do a damn site search to make sure the friggin' thing is still indexed...Whew it is. I searched to page 70...3 times, no dice. I am on page 17 in Google and I know that means squat...Except I WAS on page 16 in Yahoo...UGH. So, yes I am a bit disappointed that I blog every day and non-English and irrelevant sites outrank me! Incidentially, I am not even in the top 50 for my longer tail, "daily seo blog" which I rank page 2 for in Google. I also checked out "search engine optimization", it's no so good either.

Peace and SEO

Melanie Prough

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