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October 2, 2007

Supplemental Pages Checker?

I recently came across this tool, which was given as a means to check supplemental pages within Google's index. I was obviously intrigued, and checked it out. Since Google stopped labeling the supplemental results, and killed the operators many webmasters struggle to determine which pages may or may not be supplemental. I blogged a method to research and determine potential supplemental pages, which I still highly recommend you do. I have however, checked this tool against all of my sites and have some information to provide on it's possible validity.

In checking my sites with the "Supplemental index count per DC" at OYOY, I found that it seems fairly accurate. I would not rely on it totally, as I said do the research first...Then you might attempt to verify your data with this tool. The tool check supplemental page counts per domain in each unique Google C-class data center. It most definitely checks sub domains separately, the results are not included in the parent domain's results. Specific pages are not given, which is an excellent reason to still do your research. You may in some cases be able to surmise that a given domain has a huge number of supplemental pages, which can cause site wide ranking problems.

There are several other tools on site, I have not played with them all...But the "WWW or not? Domain check" seems to be a very nice tool also. It queries the indexing strength either www or no in Google and Yahoo, and also link strength www or non in MSN and Yahoo. Returning a final result of the site's overall www or non indexing strength, and a recommendation of which a webmaster should be using. Note: The page is a little funky, if the tool you wish to use is not a link....Just click a different tool then the link will appear.

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Melanie Prough

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