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September 28, 2007

Now That's Backlink Analysis

Jim Boykin reported on their new tool "We Build Pages Backlink Text Analysis Tool" recently. I have spent some time checking this out, as I am a fan of many of the other We Build Pages Tools. Earlier in release they had some issues with the tool, that Jim reports are cleared up. He also states they took the opportunity to update the tool while working on it. So if you tried this tool early on and had problems I suggest you revisit it, its a very nice tool.

The tool doesn't check sub domains, but rather the parent domain when they are entered. It can take a quite few minutes (up to 15 Jim says) to run, be patient. You only use your root domain url, no page or directory in the url. The tool will only gather 1000 backlinks, so if you have more they won't be collected.

When it's complete the first part of the report will provide the url the backlink is from and it's anchor text, if any. The second section of the report contains the anchor text sorted by frequency. The third section called the "Ninja Choice Summary" are links removed on the basis that they are most possibly worthless links, the example Jim gave was "scraper sites". The fourth section is dubbed the "Ninja Word Summary", which is how often words are used to link to you.

Why is this tool different? In my opinion, if you have more than 1000 backlinks which alot of folks do...It's still a worthwhile tool. You get a peek at what you are looking at as far as your variation of anchor text. You also may find the answer for that search query you are hitting, that you have been unable to track down. It only takes one good link with anchor text to get you ranked for an oddball phrase.

I will be adding this the the Cog's tools page, as soon as I finish up here.

Peace and SEO

Melanie Prough

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