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July 28, 2007

SEOCog's Favorite FREE SEO Online Tools

I have quite a few tools I use to help me understand the metrics of a page or site and resolve problems. Many of them I pay for, none of them will be listed in this post. This is a list of FREE SEO Webmaster page/site online tools, that I have been collecting for some time. I will be editing this page going forward with new online tools and removing terminated tools, so if you would like to bookmark are safe to do so. If you visit and find a dead one I missed, please comment and let me know.

  1. Paste text or URL for determining density of words in a body of text.
  2. Keyword research in Google Trends.
  3. Overture keyword research tool.
  4. Keyword suggestion - scraper.
  5. Keyword density tool.
  6. Check the "neighborhood" of your links
  7. Overture search data with graphs and variation data
  8. Density - keyword analyzer with great data and graphs
  9. Bulk Overture tool.
  10. Google Adwords keywords selector.
  11. Choose keywords by country.
  12. Determine a page's link appeal.


  1. Linking to a banned site?
  2. Backlink checker with PR, anchor text, and if there is a nofollow on your link!
  3. Unique Domain backlinks with anchor text.
  4. C Block Backlink checker. Checks IBL C Block, validity of Domains, and unique IPs.
  5. Link popularity in Yahoo, MSN, Google, Yahoo Linkdomain, Altavista, GigaBlast, HotBot, Teoma, & WiseNut.
  6. W3 link crawler, checker.
  7. Dead link checker.
  8. Quick link checker.
  9. Check anchor text.
  10. Link popularity and indexed pages with stat keeper.
  11. Check your pages OBLs for reciprocals, errors, and title attribute.
  12. This has got to be the King of link tools....See your entire Domain's outbound links, thier anchor text, reciprocal or not, and if the link out might be a "bad neighborhood or just spammy" issue. Update 9/8/07
  13. Very nice Backlink Text Analysis Tool from We Build Pages to identify backlinks, their anchor text and many other metrics...Review here. Update 9/28/2007


  1. Multiple data center PageRank Checker.
  2. Check PageRank up to 10 sites.
  3. Smart PageRank...Very Cool.

Spider View

  1. Excellent, fast spider view.


  1. My favorite code cleaner...make a backup first!
  2. 2ND tool down view source of any page.

Duplication / Plagiarism

  1. Compare 2 URLs for duplication percentage. Excellent Tool!
  2. Compare your site to others for copying.
  3. Copy and page text, URL, or compare URL to Google.
  4. Check for Canonicalization issues and duplication penalties.


  1. Syntax checker (not sitemap compliant)
  2. Validates robots.txt with sitemap.
  3. Generate a robots.txt with or without your sitemap included.

Site Optimization - Optimisation

  1. Down to earth site SEO report card, mostly mechanics.
  2. SEO Grader.
  3. Check your whole page, and choose the bot to view it with!
  4. SEOMoz Page Strength, way cool metrics..but you can only use it 2x a day.
  5. SEO Anaylzer.
  6. Reaction Engine analysis.
  7. W3 Markup Validation


  1. Generate advanced META tags.
  2. Generate a keyword tag from a density crawl.
  3. Meta tag relevance.

Site Stats

  1. Google Analytics.
  2. Protrackr


  1. Free Sitemap Generator with automatic upload scheduler.
  2. Generate ROR sitemap up to 1000 URLs free.
  3. Generate ROR, HTML, text and XML sitemaps.


  1. Check server headers.
  2. Resolve hosts and IP addresses from any form.
  3. Check your IP for share status and ban problems.


  1. Banned in Google?
  2. Email - Domain Banned?
  3. Domain VERY Detained DNS Report.
  4. Network Assoc. WhoIs
  5. UK WhoIs


  1. Count characters or words of a body of text.
  2. Dynamic URL rewriting tool.
  3. Check SERPs. Alta Vista, MSN, Yahoo and Google same time.
  4. Get a run down or your sites strongest sub pages.
  5. Check Google SERPs in different data centers.
  6. Check cross browser display for all WIN - Firefox, IE MAC - Firefox, Safari Linux - Iceweasel, Konqueror
  7. Develop a Tag Cloud for any web page.
  8. Check page accessibility to standard.
  9. View your page at different page resolutions.
  10. Sort SERPs by relevance or PageRank.
  11. Hype's color chart.
  12. Spam Detector - This is kinda cool, clearly nothing you couldn't accomplish manually..But now you don't have to! Update 9/8/07
  13. Check your Google SERPs from 30+ Countries - This is very COOL! Update 9/8/07

Hope yo find this list helpful, it sure was more work than I expected.....=-). I guess I collected a few more than I had thought. Feel free to comment if you have something you think I might add. Thanks, and have a Great weekend.

Peace and SEO

Melanie Prough

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ReviewSaurus said...

Wow that's a huge list and believe me a wonderful list too! I'm sure it will certainly help in Do it yourself SEO :)

Melanie Prough "Baby" said...

Welcome Review,
Glad you like the list, check back I try to keep it updated. I also tested all of these so they are pretty solid. Once again, Welcome to the Cog!