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August 22, 2007

Search Engine Top 10 Search Providers Market Share July 2007

Its that time again, Neilsen Netratings released the new market share rankings for the month of 7/2007 yesterday. I am committed to tracking these every month. You can view past results for April-2007; May-2007; and June-2007.

The line up stayed the same from last month, no surprises there. As a matter of fact, overall this month has negligible growth from all engines. The biggest growth is logged from Google who is up .6% over the previous report in June. MSN / Live Search hogged up the growth points last month showing up with 4.9% over the previous month of June, and this month they not only held on to it....But added another .3%. MSN / Live is becoming a threat for Yahoo. One more big growth month like June and they will overtake them for second place.

Year over year growth is probably a tainted measurement with the rate at which Internet use itself is growing. It is reported that the 69.5% of the US population uses the Internet, that's 232,655,287 users. That's a growth of 115.2% from 2000 to 2007. So realistically theses engines should be showing this growth, in YOY. However,, has got to be say to themselves, what are we going to do? With the Internet growing at a astronomical rate they are losing ground from their share of users over last year, they appear to be working harder and accomplishing less. In the 4 months I have studied this report Ask has lost in YOY 3 of 4 months, ranging from 2.3% to this month at 3.9%.

I think Google will begin to level off a bit, too much bad press. I also think MSN / Live and Yahoo are making great changes in their product that will begin to pay off in market share over the next few months. I have also been wathing one of the underdogs (*pun intended), Dogpile, people who discover this engine really tend to like it. If Dogpile gets on a decent marketing campaign they could make a move in the bottom tier.

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Melanie Prough

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