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June 29, 2007

Top Search Providers for May 2007, and Their Growth / Loss

Nielsen Netratings May, 2007.
We looked at this last month, and now the new numbers are out. I find merit in a webmaster knowing "where the money" is in his/her industry. Keeping your finger on the pulse is one of the most important things you can do for your own personal growth. So lets see how they stack up.

Google is still securely with a commanding 4.0 Billion searches a month representing 56.3% of the market share. Their numbers continue to be solid and show true growth and inherent potential for even more. Google grew 1.1% or 260,246 searches over April 2007, that's a nice accomplishment.

Yahoo weighs in at 21.5% of the market searches and lost just a hair over April, .04%, not enough to truly call a loss. So even while Google is taking up all the ground Yahoo is maintaining. I think you will see big changes coming at Yahoo. They lost only .04 over last moth as I said and that represented 43,795 searches.

MSN/Live lost also .06%, again I would call them maintaining. I do think they better get in the engineering labs pretty soon or that will change in the next few months. The .06% they lost since 4/07 works out to 7,126 searches.

Aol Search clocked in at 5.3% of the market which is only -.01% change, we'll call that maintaining also. 2.0% of the market share which is a change of +.02% and 16,132 searches better than April. Note very significant for the technology implemented and the advertising campaigns the are pursuing.

My Web Search lost .1%; Comcast, Earthlink, Bellsouth, and Dogpile remained the same.

If you are interested in Aprils data, it is here.

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