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July 19, 2007

Top 10 Market Share of June 2007 U.S. Searches Nielsen NetRatings

I am going to try to remember to do this every month. I am tracking it, and I think perhaps many others are watching as well.

The top 10 positions in market share for the number of searches in the US for June, 2007 sourced from Nielsen Netratings.

You may click to enlarge the Engine Breakdown Chart

If you want to have a peek here is May 2007 top 10 market share searches. Lets start with the action. This time we see a engine making a new presence on the list, My Way Search, this engine is powered by's search results. Claims, "No Banners, No Pop ups, No Kidding". I guess you're wondering who got bumped. Earthlink didn't make the cut in June. In May Earthlink had 33,461 searches and displayed 21.7% YOY growth.

Google lost serious ground in June, biggest loss I have ever seen for the "Big G". In May Google weighed in with 4,033,277 searches for a big 56.3% of the market share. June numbers produce a month over month loss of -126,400 searches losing 3.6% of the market share. The folks at Google will be working this weekend!

Despite all the turmoil at Yahoo their numbers are solid. In May Yahoo had 1,540,949 searches for 18.6% of the market share. In June the clock in with 1,496,137 searches and 20.2%. That's basically a wash on the searches and a little upward motion on the market share of about 1.6%. Not bad for the issues Yahoo has has tossed at them the last 3 or 4 months.

Look out here comes MSN/Live....Here is the big performer of the month. May numbers have MSN/Live as the biggest of the small fry engines, with 605,400 and 8.4% market share. Shoring up that #3 slot this month up with 985,706 searches and 13.3% of the market share. Thats up 380,306 searches and up 4.9% in market share. The real impressive number is this...MSN/Live is up 38.6% over last month...That's impressive. Their YOY growth is up 77.4%....Thats really impressive.

I don't understand They are advertising, improving, and updating....yet still they show no signs that they will enjoy any prosperity. They index is too small, they have no webmaster tools or submission method (except pinging sitemaps, which doesn't work), I think people / users just know the index is not a qualified as many others. Anyways shows basically a wash, no growth or loss worth mentioning.

AOL, Comcast, Bellsouth, Dogpile, and My Web all show little or no significant change. The only one really had anything was My Web up 15,043 searches but only .1% market share.

There you have it June was a very interesting month. Check back next month around the same time, and we'll do it again.

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