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August 14, 2007

Search Results Page Real Estate - Distribution of Clicks

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Forrest said...

I agree with your conclusion that actually reading the data is worth more time than watching football ... or half of what you do to promote your site.

I'm reading The Tipping Point right now, and finished a book called The Ape that Spoke, which is essentially the narritave of human evolution, speculation on the emergence of language, how it affects our mind ( "human mind" vs "animal mind" ), and how certain types of communication styles are hard-wired into the human species. The Tipping Point also mentions some of these hard-wired behaviors.

One of the more important things I've learned is the mechanics of attention span and short-term memory. We're able to keep neural connections alive for as long as ten seconds, and this fact has actually driven the evolution of the roof of our mouth, to allow us to talk more quickly, enabling us to fit more information - bigger, more dense thoughts - into our working memory. This knowledge helps shape my writing style ... because the point to writing is to be understood.

I'm anxious to read the Pew Institutes's study of search behavior ... all of them, really, but that one in particular. Knowledge truly is power.

Melanie Prough "Baby" said...

Hi Forrest,

You should Blog that "The Ape that Spoke" book, I would be very interested.

I read too, but I am a Sword of Truth fan. Terry Goodkind is the bomb...some of the best writing I have ever read.