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August 13, 2007

Domains for Investment - How to Invest

I guess every time you register a Domain it is an investment. How about dealing in Domains like hot real estate? Purchasing Domains for the express intent of resale. Sure everyone makes an effort to buy Domains with good potential, but how about Domains that are already pumped up? Or Domains that are getting traffic on a misspell? Or you stumble upon a GREAT Domain name? Lets look in to some guidelines for a good purchase and how to find these established Domains.

Lets call these investment Domains in to 3 types:

  1. Typo Domains - These are Domains registered for popular Domains typos.
  2. Recently Expired Domains - These are Domains that are established, but the registration elapsed.
  3. Great Domain Names - These are just great names you happen across and sit on until someone has to have it.

Typo Domains

These are a real niche. I am not suggesting copying someones content for a typo Domain, AT ALL! However, if a webmaster clearly has a huge number of typo searches and doesn't respond with the CYA...Then conceivably you could profit from the mistake at least until they figure it out. If you copy a Trademarked or Service marked Domain name its probably going to get taken away. Google has tools for webmasters to get you de-indexed if your scraping their content, but indexing is really not an issue for typo Domains. You would use a tool like this to search out typos for popular Domains, then simply run it past Overture to check the number of searches. I don't think I would ever do this for profit, seems dishonest...But if you have a complicated Domain that is performing well, check out registering your typos before a squatter does.

Recently Expired Domains

This is big business, many webmasters and companies fail to re-register their Domain on time. "The checks in the mail" doesn't fly for Domain registrations. Here is a free program to watch for expiring Domains, Expired Domains 1.0. You have got to be fast though! Many times the turn around on this will be very quick, the original owner will offer a great deal more than you paid for it to get it back. Sometimes it has just been abandoned and you might pick up a nice Domain with DMOZ listing and good PageRank that will be easy to peddle.

Great Domain Names

This I find is most likely to come up when you are looking for something else. However, sometimes you come across a great Domain name...Yes you should buy it. If it has nice brand appeal, snappy sound, or great keyword strength then snatch it up! People have made HUGE sums of money on these types of Domains. This tool is really nice to finding some if you would like to try.

Before everyone goes off the deep end on me....Lets get some things straight. I am in NO WAY condoning registering alias Domains, or registered Trademarks. You will lose those Domains to infringement guaranteed. Additionally, do not SPAM the index. It is just as easy to park a page with decent content as SPAM. Lastly, if you are scraping or plagiarizing another's content, then I hope you get busted!

Just like anything else, there is a right way and a wrong way....How will you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror?

As always feel free to comment, I will edit the post for helpful information with credit and link.

Peace and SEO

Melanie Prough

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