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June 30, 2007

Got Wiki? How to get listed in Wikipedia

First off for those that may not know, lets tackle what Wikipedia is.....

Wiki is a online web encyclopedia that is authored and edited by volunteers/users. It catalogs all kinds of information such as, articles, biographies, events, definitions and more.
There is also a Wiki for domain names called AboutUs, and it works the same.

Why do you want to be listed in Wikpedia? Credibility, people trust Wiki, so if you are in Wiki...they can trust you. Well before they turned on the "nofollow" tags it was awesome link strength and Google PageRank help, but still it is prime targeted traffic and link building. Wiki has 12,100,000 indexed pages in Google and is a PR8, so if you get listed you are in good company and can instantly see huge traffic results. Sites listed in Wiki are also very likely to pick up some .edu links.

What can you do to get your site listed. There are some things you should do to work on your own personal credibility that will help get a listing. Sign up for an account, don't make any edits without one. Now don't be shy, go forth and edit....but don't get yourself a bad reputation. Remember this is very much a "community" style directory, if you run around editing like a cocky jerk then you will never get listed. You want to build a reputation that you are knowledgeable yet diplomatic.

Submitting articles to Wiki: Read the notability guidelines and make sure your article is ready.

Articles about companies and products are acceptable if they are written in an objective and unbiased style. Furthermore, all article topics must be third-party verifiable, so articles about very small “garage” or local companies are not likely to be acceptable. External links to commercial organizations are acceptable if they can serve to identify major corporations associated with a topic.

It is not a banner Ad! It is an informative digest for users to locate human edited information. When you submit, prepare to be edited...don't take it personally. At this point you have edited others works, so I am sure you can take the criticism. If you get in an editing will likely get your article expelled from the index.

There are 2 ways to best get indexed most effectively and with the best success rate.

  1. Resource listings. While you or someone else is editing inserting the link to your website in the “External Links” or “References” section for a Wiki page. I caution you to be certain your link is relevant and NOT SPAMMY. It is also a good credibility tool to have posted other's link in the same manner before your own.
  2. Make a new Wiki page about an event, business, profession, or website. Like a review, these make you appear to be selfless if you do several about others before your own. I caution you again, don't spam the index, its not an advertisement ... it is a information resource. Search before you post your new Wiki page and make sure there are no others already.

"Small Pond" topics are going to be more successful here, because I suspect you don't have the notability of Google or Blog posts are good to try to get indexed, because they are generally on target. I wouldn't submit the whole blog, but try your "best" post.

  • Make sure your page is well written with good grammar and spelling, have someone else check it too.
  • If you have references or expert opinions note and link them for credibility.
  • Find other resources and pages to support your topic so it it more well rounded.
  • Its best if the site you are trying to get included is not a big advertisement, some say no ads....but I would say 2 or less per page and NO pop ups.
  • Don't link spam, keep it to 1 or 2 a day
  • Remember information not sales

After you are done, add the new Wiki page to your "watchlist" and wait for the edits. Remember what I said about the editing war, it won't accomplish anything. Let them edit, just draw the line at utter content change, link edits, and slanderous remarks. You will see though that if a user edits your page and is ill informed, another user or sysop will come right along a fix be patient but alert. You might even consider that the more edits, the more traffic and attention your site will get!

Peace and SEO



jeff rowell said...

great and informative, exactly what i wanted to know! thank you, jeff