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February 26, 2008

January 2008 : Top 10 US Market Share Search Engines

Click to listen to this postThe Nielsen Netratings January 2008 search engine market US share data report is out and we have the data and historical analysis ready for you. Buckle up!

In January there are some interesting results for the search game in the US. You might even be a bit surprised, or relieved even. We track these results here at the Cog SEO Blog every month and provide a historical bit of data along with the raw statistics to help you better understand the search market here in the US. You can find past US Search Market Share results in the left menu for review.

Might as well start at the top.. Google continues to climb. As America's favorite search engine, Google has steadily increased their overall share of searches since we have been tracking the results; April 2007. In January Google has gained back .6% of the small 1.4% loss they clocked in with last month. Truth of the matter is this, smaller shares have an easier time increasing their numbers. Simple math here, with percentages, the larger the divisible number (in this case searches) the harder it is to effect that number, as you need much larger numbers (increases) to do so. So the reality is this, Google grew their number of searches about 24,375,216 over their December 2007 searches.

Yahoo has made some progress amid controversy, operational distress, and general limelight. Yahoo search had been really struggling until last month (December 2007) when the lodged a small .2% month over month growth. I even predicted they would decline in search volume for January 2008, due to the bad press and issues within the company. However, Yahoo made a fairly strong move in their market share for January 2008 with a 1.3% month over month growth. Fact is this is very impressive and goes to a subject I have noted before, Yahoo has history and some very loyal searchers who want to come back. Yahoo is a very strong brand, they have only, in my opinion, to recover that brand ability to really make a dent in the market.

I was really very surprised to see that MSN / Live has lost some reasonably significant ground in January 2008 search market share. Honestly, MSN and Live have been crawling my web sites like crazy, and they seem to be sending more traffic than ever. MSN / Live loses 1.7% in their share of the search pie for January 2008.

The remaining top ten engines I haven't really much to say about, except that just continues to sit there and make no apparent move to grow their market. They are up .2% over December 2007, but they really never hang on to any month over month growth historically. I don't know; we see the Ads, the Eraser, and all the "Hoopla"... None of which seems to be getting the job done. I would say in my honest opinion, people just want fast, easy, and relevant.... Which are all metrics Ask could be schooled on from any of the top 3 search engines.

Peace and SEO

Melanie Prough

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Mandy said...

I have to agree with you there, consumers wont use a product with ribbons and bows, they want something they can see use and understand the second its presented in-front of them. Google has in my opinion the most basic search engine design and even my parents can use it, which says something. I mean yahoo and all the rest have a bunch of content all over their web sites and well, as they say, to beat the competition you have to be good in the 'one' thing you do. Not do 'alright' in the million things you do.
I would certainly invest in google shares over yahoo or msn/live. Good targeted marketing and design!

Melanie Prough said...

Hi Mandy,
Yep, do one thing and do it best. If another product line happens along you can always build another store.

becky said...

I'm not a big fan of yahoo anymore... rather Google all the way. I remember when Yahoo was top dog.. not so much anymore.

Search Engine Optimization said...

Google always is my favorite, I dont think there is any chance by which anyone else can make it the top with Google around.

The consumers are not fools either, they know what to choose and they do it carefully.