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November 2, 2007

Have a Money Making Winter

Well campers, the busy Internet season here in the US is creeping up on us. My question today is, are you ready? Your redesigns should be launched, your optimization should be under control, and you should be ready for a rise in your traffic.....And your conversions with any luck!

As the outside gets colder, and the yards get cleaned up...Folks will be making their way to more inside activities. Many of those activities will include the Internet, via many available platforms now. Ideally your USA based traffic should already be on the increase, statistically they say it will peak in January....Then begin to trend down once again. Of course, your increase will depend highly on your United States, or other "colder" seasoned areas this time of year...And by all means your ability to get them to your site!

Have you considered optimizing to increase your share of this growing "pie"? If you for example have a non - US commerce site that does International sales...It might be a good time for a targeted US SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaign. Organic results for will obviously be more precious to you as well, if you can muster some American appeal. If there are more fish in the pond, you are likely to have a better fishing trip!

Web designers, developers, and SEOs are probably seeing an increase in their own business right now. People are thinking more about those "inside" activities. Savvy business owners realize this opportunity, and now have a summers worth of cash flow to work with as well.

Then consider the holiday season, do you have a plan? New products, good supplies, and have your worked on all the reasons to bail from your cart? Now is the time. Consumers shop from work, their phones, school, the local cafe, and just about anywhere. Last year Internet holiday sales were over 39 Billion...Again, are you ready? Navigation, stock, planning, specials, marketing, and of course my favorite...Optimization.

Just some food for thought. Now you can go finish raking your leaves.

Peace and SEO

Melanie Prough

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