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November 3, 2007

Got Accessibility? | Cog SEO Blog Does

Today the Cog SEO Blog drags it's sorry butt in to the realms of accessibility. We will from now on, for every post, offer an audio version. I would like to say that I will personally read these posts to you, but that's not the case. We have chosen a clean speaking, computer generated, male voice. OK, I know....I am a female. We chose a male voice, as it is just clearer and easier to understand.

The posts require a little tweaking, for translation. Things like "SEO" and such, just do not translate. Also, the audio posts are in wav format, so that most readers / users will be able to listen to them. I am compressing the audio posts, so that there will not be a terribly long wait to begin to play. With every effort in this area, we all know my posts can be quite lengthy at times and this may still upon occasion present an issue. Please, just be patient....Every wav file will be compressed to it's smallest size possible without data loss. So realize, the audio version of the posts will be a few minutes behind the text post.

A bit ago we added the Alta Vista Babel Fish language translation widget (down and to your right). This has really been a nice tool, and I would recommend it for any web site or blog. It gets much traffic and good use here.

SEO and Accessibility

Melanie Prough

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