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October 25, 2007

Google Has Pickled SERPs Now?

What were they jealous of Yahoo's pickled SERPs? It wasn't that long ago I was blogging about how Yahoo has screwed up their SERPs with mechanical issues and non English sites in an English search...Which they have NOT resolved. Now we have Google following suit with a bug or glitch in their SERPs as well. I have been following this for about a week, and I have checked it with others from across the big pond to be certain my local data center was not playing tricks on me. I even checked from another IP at my office, within the same data center.

So here's the deal. If you search either Google or Google UK for seo blog, you will find some very odd happenings. There are sites repeated for the same url which in fact resolves to the same page. The strangest occurrence of all is the fact that for the time I have been watching there has been a site listed in the last result position on SERP pages 7 through 26 and sometimes up to page 33...That is the same site and page. This has not been the same listing in this oddity for all these days, in fact there have been many different ones.

I have made a page displaying the most recent SERPs, screenshots that I just took for you to have a look. What you will see is "" as the last result on every SERP page 7 through 26. You will also see that "" has at least 2 appearances for the same page and url, only in different positions. Before you get those SEO juices flowing........I did not find any redirects in these site's listings.

The result listing information for these sites are all completely the same. Google UK as I stated earlier has the same problem, only the numbers are a little different. These results do not change whether you are signed in or not....Or even whether you clear your temp files and cookies.

I have not identified this issue in any other queries, but I am willing to bet it exists...My logical mind would find it hard to believe a "manual" screw up has been made here. Additionally, I would have trouble swallowing the algorithm making such an isolated mistake. I checked 20 additional queries and could not reproduce these glitches for any other query. IF any of you find this in another query, I would like to hear about it.

So between Yahoo and Google I sure hope you like pickles! I guess these matters are to be expected when advancements are made and challenges are taken on. I for one hope this particular "pickle" gets worked out soon.

Peace and SEO


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