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September 24, 2007

Google Gone Mad? | Where is DMOZ

EDIT: 9/26/2007 6:05pm DMOZ is back #1 result for the query DMOZ on Google in my data center.

In my travels last night there was some rustle and bustle about DMOZ ( The Open Directory Project). I really cannot say what in the hell might be going on, but.....DMOZ also, no longer ranks for it's own name with it's original Domain ( They have created a sub-domain "" which ranks and redirects back to the original. This I find interesting, it tells me suspected penalties of this nature are absolute....Thus not including subs. Well, unless the big "G" decides, this is another "hand edit" reason. I emailed DMOZ, and told them I would be blogging this today...Asked them if they had any information or anything they would like to express on the matter.

So let's see what we have here. If you perform a regular Google search for DMOZ, you get only the "new" sub-domain. In the site command you find many pages still available, except the "main" domain url However, if you stroll on over to the Google Directory...You will still see Google's relationship with DMOZ. Although, there are no links to DMOZ's main page...Not sure if there were or not, but the "Open Directory Project" link points to DMOZ's "About Us" page. DMOZ's Page Rank is intact, internal also.

I have read, just like everyone else, about DMOZ editors soliciting bribes and such.....I even read about Shoe being extorted. I certainly believe every word Shoe wrote. However, this is certainly an inevitable human pitfall of such a undertaking as DMOZ. We talked a bit yesterday about Rand's list of relative parameters for directories that might, or would most likely invoke penalties....I don't honestly see DMOZ hitting much of that list. Here's some food for though....If DMOZ has been penalized, then is the Yahoo Directory next? And if not, then why not? I would say in my opinion, that the selection process at DMOZ is set up more for reference and has more stringent guidelines than Yahoo, and DMOZ under normal circumstances is free as opposed to Yahoo.

I cannot see the basis for a penalty here. Would Google really penalize a site and remain partnered/associated with them? Have a look at this...I seemed to remember a long time ago that DMOZ (Open Directory Project) was a suggested directory in the Google Webmaster Help Center...The page is there, and the text seems as I remember it...So Google still suggests the Open Directory in the guidelines. Just odd.

Peace and SEO

Melanie Prough

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Anonymous said...

Please see for an explanation of what happened and how it was rectified. Thanks.

Melanie Prough "Baby" said...

Thanks Anonymous,

I have updated my Blog. I appreciate the heads up.