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September 25, 2007

BlogRush to Busy to Shut me OFF?

****Updated 9/26/2007 8:15AM See Bottom

As much as I really hate to do yet another BlogRush post, I did in fact promise some folks I would follow up on my original post. Apparently, couple of folks who emailed me are also interested in getting the hell out of BlogRush. So here is the scoop. On 9/22/2007 I sent the following email to: which was the most appropriate email address I could locate. I was forced to do this, as you CANNOT unenroll yourself from BlogRush in any way. A one way ticket folks....

I wish to have my Blog……..Its feed… and all of my content completely removed from your program. I have searched and found no way to do this. I do not want to participate. My login is XXXXXXXXX.

Thank You
Melanie Prough

Now, 3 days later....I have not received any response. Maybe that is not long enough? In my opinion they might have at least sent a confirmation that they has received my email by now.

I am still accumulating impression credits, even though I have no widget installed. Today, I was digging around in my stats looking for something else, and I found absolutely that they are displaying some of my titles/posts as well.

Google Slaps Tim Nash Paid Link Penalty? (pv) 1 (upv)1 (time on pg)00:00:00 (bounce)100.00%

There are a few others, but stats are the same...low page views, high bounce, and zero time on site. One note here, I post everyday and have credits to spare..But only the most trafficked posts have been displayed. So this also leads to to believe what Tim Nash and others have said, without traffic...You will not gain any substantial traffic. I think this is not only true, but on a page/post level as well. Which is why, I have a backlog of credits even though I post everyday maybe? I dunno.

I will give them another shot, write another email today and give them til the end of the week, and them I have an idea what to do about this. So, if you are trying to get out, or you emailed me about this...Stay tuned.

UPDATE: So just like every other BlogRush member, this morning I found a email from the dupes at Blogrush promising big changes. In all their glory and tact, aparently in order to apropriate these changes they have gone offline to fix "some real 'goofs'". They claimed at 2.28AM that:

"We are currently experiencing some technical issues and the site will be back online shortly. Please come back in a few minutes."

Now, I won't beat them up too bad on this, except that...webmasters everywhere are displaying Ads, that they may not get any prescious credits for. This is just a guess, of course, as I figure the dashboard is whats not availiable...So.

As far as my concern of getting the hell out.....They make some pretty serious threats in the letter for abusing the Blogrush system. Then, after resolve to say 1st time offenders, which I guess will be me, are advised to do this:

IF you were one of the people that has been cheating our network I'm going to give you ONE opportunity... quit now and we'll pretend it never happened.

Then if I continue.....

BUT... if you continue after this point, all bets are off. We WILL eventually discover what you're doing, where you're trying to send traffic, and we will prosecute you. I GUARANTEE IT. Sorry, but WE HAVE NO CHOICE NOW.

Who heck does this guy think he is?

Peace and SEO

Melanie Prough

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Anonymous said...

Blogrush is a total mess.
This is a simply ploy for John Reese to build a list and sell traffic secrets 2.

Melanie Prough "Baby" said...

Yes it's a mess. I don't know so much about the list building. I was concerned about the pyramid scheme...But when I saw they "can" republish my content as they wish...I was GONE!