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August 16, 2007

Web Syndication | Article and Content Distribution

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Forrest said...

Wow! I really wasn't expecting such comprehensive or thoughtful advice. Just the warning to prepare for your page to go supplemental is honestly better info that is available on 99 % of the marketing and SEO sites on the internet.

But the part about establishing legal ownership is truly remarkable. Maybe I'm especially interested in this topic, because I've had my content stolen before more than once. Some of my photos turned up on somebody else's MySpace page, with the guy claiming to have shot them; this is when I started watermarking all of my images.

So thanks for a truly remarkable guide to syndication. I have some good thoughts and the writing and markup skills to take advantage of them ... and you've armed me with the knowledge of what to expect. But a more full knowledge than I could pick up in a million years of reading Digital Point forums.

There's a photographer named Melanie Kipp, with far more talent than almost any of her peers. Apparently there's a blogger named Melanie who you could say the same thing about. Maybe it's the name that makes both of you so brilliant...? (Kidding.)

Melanie Prough "Baby" said...


Geez thank you Forrest. I am really glad you like it! Actually, worked our great I have been having inspiration your request was a big help. I really do like to be on task.

Thanks Again,

Forrest said...

Up 'till now "The Van Blog" has been the only marketing or SEO blog I read ... 99 % of them aren't worth my time. There's a lot of recycled crap all over the web. I'm really grateful for the advice on syndication, but if I were you, I'd be proud to stand out, way above the crowd.

Quoting scholarly research and giving an interpretation of the statistics is a lot more helpful than regurgitated hack rumors. I've actually learned something, a few somethings even, from reading your blog ... and that doesn't happen very often, which is unfortunate because I have such a long way to go.

Keep up the good work; I've got you bookmarked, and I hope I can keep on learning here.

Melanie Prough "Baby" said...

Thank You Forrest for the kind words. I am going to check out that Van Blog. I haven't heard of it. I was raised by a metallurgist, so the science of statistics is in my blood.

Thanks Again...