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July 22, 2007

Yahoo Algorithm Update - What to Expect

Yahoo Search Blog reported on the 19th, that there would be an update made to "fresh web data and crawling, indexing and ranking algorithms". The post indicated there may be some changes in ranking. It is supposed to be completed by the weekend. The question on everyone's mind, as always, what does thing mean for me?

The new update seems to contain a big push for Domain Authority, and quality links. It looks to me like a very pseudo-Google update. There was talk of Blogs losing SERP, however I cannot confirm that...both of my Blogs moved up in the SERPs. I see that one of my sites that was #1, now is it up to it's own landing/category page, which is now ranked #1. A little odd, I must say.

I think Yahoo is making the move and effort to be a fresher index is great, I do wish they would do a better job of taking out the trash. I have not searched with Yahoo, except checking SERP, for many years...I gave it up because of the trash in the index. Sites that load in like 80 seconds and no care for any SEO, paying Yahoo for search phrases...and getting ranked above the more relevant quality pages.

One of my sites right now is outranked by a dead link. I hope there are some more changes, an we are just seeing the progression right now. Authority is a good thing, but it should'nt be the only thing, or have so much weight that the index contains pages that cannot load properly. I remember how it used to be in Yahoo especially, the older your page was the better it ranked. They finally just about got that cleaned up only to do it again? This is not 1997 anymore. I think Authority matters, but so does maintenance and SEO.

Another of my sites is outranked by the one of the biggest keyword stuffing jobs I have ever seen. The site's title is 4 keyword phrases seperated with commas. Load time clocked in at 415.63 seconds on a 28.8, because the page is 1298.86 Kb. It does not validate and has over 100 errors. Heres the real kicker, keyword tags relevance score is 42%. The page also has 188 links going out, not spam I viewed the page......but clearly no mind for any resemblence of SEO. The Domain is 3 years old. Discouraging!

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Anonymous said...

Yahoo's index is FULL of garbage, always has been. Nothing new there.


Baby said...

Seemingly true statement, but to effectively compete eventually they will have to fix this.