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June 11, 2007

Google TrustRank What is it, and How do you Achieve it?

On 4/25/2005's Blog reported that Google had registered about 25 words and phrases for Trademark. I think there are some you will recognize.

  • It's All About Results
  • TrustRank
  • Advertise on the Neighborhood Wide Web
  • Picture Simplicity
  • I'm Feeling Lucky
  • AdSense

So TrustRank has clearly been a thought process for a while now. So what is TrustRank? TrustRank is a Google Algorithm just like PageRank is. It allegedly relies on secret factors to determine your pages rating and ability to rank higher. But alas... the gurus have leaked some helpful suggestions to us.

  • Register your Domain for more than 1 year. (10 would be great)
  • Get a unique IP address.
  • Get a SSL certificate.
  • Get a sitemap.xml and a visitor sitemap.
  • Update regularly.
  • Be very free with your REAL contact information.
  • Get reliable hosting, up time will help also.
  • Use keywords that will target your audience, not bring floods of irrevelant traffic.
  • All spam will destroy your TrustRank

- Keyword Stuffing, Hiding, Comments Filled with keywords, and doorway pages.

- Duplicate content from other pages published on your own.

- Cloaking - displaying different content to the engines than what users see.

  • Link only to reputable or authority sites.
  • Older websites do seem to get a leg up.
  • Irrelevant content will hurt you in any form, links, text, ads, and even images if they are labeled with irrelevant text by a Google Enhanced Image user!
  • Keyword stuffing in URLs and Domain names will hurt you just like any other spam.
  • I strongly suggest that every site you have has a privacy statement.

I think it will still be some time before we see full result of this but practice makes perfect. Just like anything else, get on now and be above the curve, it certainly will not harm you any...they are already looking at it....just not fully implementing it yet. I do think though this program is in the final stages and will be in FULL effect quicker than most think. The public has been demanding such a thing from Google, to "protect them". I don't know that this will do it, but Google will have to respond.

Peace and SEO