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December 28, 2007

November 2007 : Top 10 US Market Share Search Engines

Click to listen to this postThe Nielsen Netratings November 2007 search market share data report was released yesterday. We post this search market data every month, and have been doing so since April 2007. This can be very valuable data for your SEO campaign strategy. If you would like to view the past results we have blogged, just use the "US Search Market Data" link in the left menu.

November 2007 Top 10 US Search Providers

Chart legend: An estimated 4.3 billion search queries were conducted using Google Search in the US, representing 57.7 percent of all search queries conducted in November 2007. Click to enlarge data image.

Google is still coming on strong with a 2.2% market share growth over October 2007. I think a great deal of people think this continued growth will likely lead to a search market monopoly, but "if" that is in the cards, it is still a long way off. As in any market achievement, the final leg of the race always proves to be the most difficult. Google has shown great prowess and sustained growth in 2007, and I suspect barring any mishaps they will continue to trend their market share upwards.

Yahoo continues to struggle with its "come back" plan as their market share continues to trend negatively. In October 2007 report they lost .7% of their market share, and in November they lost another .9%. I gotta believe if you are Yahoo, you need to be considering a far more aggressive plan for growth and market share. I am curious to see December's market share, as Yahoo is very commonly known to grab a high amount of commerce / shopping type searches. If this remains true, which I suspect it is not, we will see a boost in Yahoo's share of searches come December's data. Data has already been collected which shows Yahoo Shopping with a solid 84.3% of "very" satisfied shoppers for the bulk of the 2007 holiday shopping season. We shall see how this affects their market share for December 2007.

MSN / Live gave up a bit of its share in November's report as well, losing 1.8% of the search market share. If I had to guess, I would say this is temporary for MSN / Live. They have been crawling and indexing very feverishly, and I believe we will see them begin to trend up in the coming months. is only down .2% for November 2007. This eats up a bit of the .7% growth they collected in the October 2007 market share, but its not a terrible amount. Last month was the first time has had any discernible growth since May 2007. If I were in the marketing department at, I would be looking to change the strategy, as the ROI (return on investment) seems to be pretty low for the amount of marketing dollars they are spending.

While I certainly do not advocate "putting all your eggs in one basket", if your website is not performing well in Google search then you need to concentrate your optimization plan on achieving better Google search position. This will only grow more and more important as Google trends its market share up.

Peace and SEO

Melanie Prough

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