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October 4, 2007

The Uncommon SEO of Nofollow

Read about The Uncommon SEO of Nofollow at the new Cog home


Stephen Mayers said...

Thanks, you pointed out some valuable considerations. However, I would not call a link of a Web designer on his clients' pages a "paid link", not at all. But you should think about NOFOLLOW'ing that, because of neighbour hood considerations. The clients might be in all kind of industries except Web desgin.

Melanie Prough "Baby" said...

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for the comment. The web designers thing is actually true, Google is not so much the issue as the other webmasters who would turn you in. However, as you stated it's not appropriate anyhow. Let's face it, this is very often done to "improve a site's ranking"...It would be hard to prove otherwise in such a case.