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October 21, 2007

Google Pumps Up the Tools

Wow, Google is really getting their tools in order! Seems lately like their is am improvement or new feature every week. On Oct. 18 Google's Webmasters Blog posted a fabulous little bit about our Top Search Queries data.......Which they have extended to include the previous 6 months! SEO just got Googlized. From 7 days to 6 months....Now you can trend your own search data in Webmasters Tools.

Just click a site, then "statistics"....And choose "Top Search Queries". Bingo, it should already be there for you! The options for sorting data by time line are: 7 days; 2 weeks; 3 weeks; 1 month; 2 months; 3 months; 4 months; 5 months; and 6 big months of productive search queries for your site. Is it Christmas? My data only goes back 1 month for my sites right now....But they say they hope to improve that.

You will also notice, you also have the percentage of the top 20 search appearances for each phrase now...Instead of just the position. Of course you can break it down in to image search; web search; and mobile search. This will definitely improve your vertical game now...Trending vertical search queries, very nice for your SEO campaign. If that's not enough...Break this data into regional Google search platforms, as well. How about regional and vertical at the same time? No problem.

Just like the rest of the webmaster's stats, download this data in a .csv to play around with in your favorite spreadsheet program. If you select the "Download all query stats for this site (including subfolders)"...You can even see the data directly related to each directory. Would be neat if we got pages, but maybe next time.

Google claims in the blog post that.."Statistics are being now updated constantly. Top query results and clicks may visibly change rank a lot more often now, sometimes daily." Does this mean we can have a peek at that flux now?

Top it all of with a fine sense of humor from Sahala Swenson of the Webmaster Tools Team...The final paragraph....

So enough talk. Sign in and play around with the new improvements for yourself. As always we welcome feedback (especially in the form of beer), so feel free to drop us a note in the Webmaster Help Group and let us know what you think.

I'll second that! Great post and awesome improvement in our tools. Do you still really think Google hates SEOs?

Peace and SEO

Melanie Prough

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