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September 12, 2007

How to Park Domains for Cash and Aging with Relevance

Even if you don't make a habit of parking Domains like me, most webmasters have picked up juicy Domains on a whim, or ahead of schedule on occasion. Why should those valuable pieces of real estate collect dust when they can make a little money and begin to simmer in the index pot? I am not talking about some of the terribly spammy link infested user traps many of us have seen. I believe there is a high road here. With a very small amount of effort, and little or no maintenance, you could easily produce a relatively useful mini-site that may very well be profitable and will season your new Domain for future projects.

Aged Domains still have more power and trust than newer ones. So especially if you are not ready for this project it makes sense to start the aging process. Relevance is going to be the key here. I think the easiest way to accomplish this is to throw a Blog up on this brand new Domain. You should probably start with 6 or 7 unique (not someone else's) posts. Do all the normal indexing work, to get it indexed nicely. I wouldn't worry about an excessive amount of plug ins, unless the Blog will be part of the future plans. Concentrate on any security issues, and troubles with URLs (IE: SEO URLS). Make certain you have handled your server side SEO. Supplemental pages aren't likely to make any money for you. Now monetize this new Blog, or don't...It is up to you. Most Blogging software has pretty easy means with which to accomplish monetization through normal channels. Ideally, if you really want this project to be successful, add some fresh, unique content to it at least once a month.

This is really pretty easy, and you are accomplishing much more than you would otherwise. The time involved here, if you have done this before is probably 2-3 hours max....A worthy investment for the yield. There are certainly other creative ways to accomplish the same results. I just chose a Blog, because they are so universally available and used at the moment. Rate your time, effort, and availability against your project and do what works for you. Again, the key here really is for the content to be relevant to the future content of the Domain...It will really give you a leg up.

When it comes time to move forward with your project, you can take advantage of any backlinks, PageRank, and traffic by 301 redirecting the old URLs to their most appropriate new URLs or categories. So your choice....Traditional parking, or building a future?

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