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August 18, 2007

Yahoo Search User Statistics | Will Yahoo Survive?

Good morning this is part 2 of user statistics and demographics for the top 4 engines. Excluding AOL as it is powered with Google results. Day 1: MSN / Live; Day 2: Yahoo (You are here).

Welcome to part 2 Yahoo Search Demographics. Yesterday was MSN / Live, and its demo-graphical quirks. Yahoo is not the giant it used to be, and I would simply call it "failure to thrive". Yahoo rode that "authority" surge for a VERY long time. In my estimation, they should have committed more resources to development and search technology.

Having said that, I have a burning question for you....Will Yahoo survive? As many of you have probably noticed, I am am the type of person who looks to proven theories and logic for my answers. So, consider this, Terry Semel sold his stock; Susan Decker bought 47,000 shares; and you can see here they took a serious hit in the management shake up....But seem to be holding on. I think the questions at hand are, how smart is Decker, and what does she know that we do not?

Decker holds a bachelor of science degree from Tufts University, with a double major in computer science and economics, and a master of business administration degree from Harvard Business School. She also received the designation of Chartered Financial Analyst in 1989 and served on the Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Council (FASAC) for a four-year term, from January 2000 to January 2004. Decker served on the board of directors of Pixar Animation Studios from June 2004 to May 2006, until its sale to Disney and The Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR) from March 2005 to May 2007. Decker currently serves on the board of directors for Berkshire Hathaway, Intel Corporation and Costco Wholesale.

I strongly suspect the answer is, she is highly intelligent, educated, seasoned and she has big ideas for Yahoo. So, I will go on record right now and say Yahoo will survive and begin to recover. Having said that, what can Yahoo do for you?

In May Yahoo was at 21.5% of the market share of Internet searches, but fell a small bit to 20.2. I would call that negligible. The important number is year over year growth. In May they were up 18.6%, then 20.3% in June. They are not capturing as much of the market share as they should, but the continue to grow.

Yahoo tends to appeal pretty equally between the sexes, but women are statistically known to find paid ads to be more relevant on all engines. However, Yahoo strongly favors a younger crowd (<35).>

If you want to target a strong Yahoo audience then try the Yahoo Buzz Log. The Yahoo Buzz Log contains very well updated information on popular searches, and those declining. It has the ability to get popular searches specifically from Canada, and France. The platform also has several vertical options available: Actors, movies, music, sports, TV, and video games. Yahoo also has several search topic specific feeds to use. While this service is incredibly current its lack search ability.

The most tried and true Yahoo search information comes from Overture. There are many Overture tools available, but I favor the Bulk Overture Tool. You can submit several queries at a time, and it has the ability to deep analyze and retrieve 21 different country specific results. Overture information is not current, so to speak, usually running about 4 to 8 months behind. You might find this keyword Selector tool useful also. I caution you, Overture tools tend to be a bit slow and dodgy.

I think Yahoo is making some good moves with new development. Yahoo Local, arguably the best business directory, just got a nice overhaul. One thing I have noticed about Yahoo pages it that they are slow to load overall. The new Yahoo local loads in almost 30 seconds on a 28.8...That's within standard but not good. Their main game landing page is just awful, loading in 235.21 seconds at 28.8 which is still 53 seconds on a cable connection! Too much script, and stying in the page. I really think Yahoo should tackle this issue. When I first started seriously working on my SEO, upgrading to CSS styled pages and reducing images for quicker load times nearly doubled the traffic on most of my sites.

Yahoo does a very nice job handling all sorts of feeds. Submit your sitemap in a text form in addition to the sitemap protocol. I would say the page mechanics and validation requirements are VERY lax in Yahoo, but I would not expect that to continue. Slurp is a pretty active and efficient crawler so they have big indexing ability....Yahoo just tends to crawl the same sites over and over with not enough emphasis on new sites.

Have Yahoo search experiences or information? Feel free to comment, at the Cog posts get edited and the commenter gets credit!

Peace and SEO

Melanie Prough

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Forrest said...

Lately Slurp is my heaviest crawler; for the longest time it had been MSNBot.

I gave up on Yahoo years ago, and haven't used them since. The ads could give you a seizure. More than anything else, that drove me away. I know I can just come back with an ad blocker, but that just turned me off, especially once Google showed up with a much less offensive layout, even if it's far less functional.

The one thing I really liked about Yahoo is that their SERPs have a link to open each result in a new page or tab. When I'm not sure if a particular result is what I want, I tend to do this with the context menu. That's a pretty small plus on their side, and with such a long way to catch up, it would be silly to think a little thing like that would be enough. But, a lot of nice little touches put together, along with Yahoo's longevity, can probably keep them afloat.

Melanie Prough "Baby" said...

Hi again Forrest,

Very trues, Yahoo has too many Ads. They are going to have to find for creative ways to maintain their finantial piece. I have one site got a ton of traffic from Yahoo, can very much be a user base thing with these engines. I believe Yahoo is going to give it a shot and make the necessary improvements.