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August 26, 2007

My Favorite SEO Places on the Web

SEO forums and Blogs, most of you read a bunch just as I do, so today I am publishing my list. I read probably an average of 3 hours of Blogs and forums everyday. Sometimes as much as 5 if there has been a shake up or update, such as Yahoo recently. I have often been asked where I hang out. Should a great resource not appear on this this, it could just mean I haven't discovered them yet. However, there are some places that I have checked out and received far less than a warm welcome, and left regardless of the information available. Because in the end, if I am going to spend time somewhere, why would I spend I with people who treat others poorly. So here we go....

  1. Matt Cutts Blog - I think there is some insider type information to be had here and the discussion in comments is priceless.
  2. SEOmoz Blog - Powerful authors and first cut reporting on events and information.
  3. Beanstalk's SEO News Blog - Dave Davies sees things in a way that others do not, and tends to see things that others miss all together.
  4. Shoe Money Blog - I love Jeremy Schoemaker, he is my hero...I try to be frank and honest, but this guy is the king of "tell it like it is". He is also highly intelligent and insightful.
  5. SEO-Scoop Blog - Donna has a way of getting my inspiration going, she makes me think about things in a way I wouldn't normally consider them. Donna's Blog is top quality.
  6. SEO Chicks - The ladies at SEO Chicks have a way of delivering their message so that you forget you are reading about SEO. You are having fun, usually even a giggle or two.
  7. Venture Skills Blog - This is Tim Nash's Blog. I met Tim in a forum I frequent (you will read about later). Tim is a IT and SEO Consultant in the UK. Read this Tim knows his stuff.
  8. Google Webmaster Blog - I read the Google Blog so I don't miss anything just in case.
  9. Andy Beard Blog - Added by Tim Nash. Looks to be a good read! Thanks Tim.
  10. Cornwall SEO Blog - Another Tim addition. Tim say's "particularly for link baiting articles and suggestions".


  1. TIP Forum - The TIP is David Castle's Forum. I hang out here the most. The folks in here are the nicest I have found anywhere. This is where I met Tim and many other highly skilled people of all sorts, always willing to lend a hand.
  2. Warrior Forum - I don't visit here much...Not for any particular reason. They really have a nice forum. I go here when I am developing a plan, the posters here are very strategy orientated..I like it!

This one isn't really a Blog, but rather an online magazine, I read the Linux Magazine. You will find stuff here to use in your Linux server you never dreamed possible. I have found more solutions for problems one this one site than any other single site. This stuff goes way beyond htaccess, to things like SSH, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Cool Apache configurations, mod rewrites, and even optimizing SQL. So while this stuff is written for geeks and you might have to read it a few times, it is the authority for information on your Linux server.

So maybe today you found something helpful, or a bit of information you have been seeking...I hope that is the case. I am quite sure there are many more resources out there that I don't read, but guys seriously.....So many Blogs have the same information as everyone else! Realize this too, I have 6 kids and a husband that need some attention too, so the 3 or 4 hours a day I set aside to read has to be quality information packed with the stuff I need. So don't beat me up too bad.

Peace and SEO

Melanie Prough

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Lisa Ditlefsen said...

Hi =) Thanks for the link to SEO-Chicks and for reading the blog!!

Lisa (SEO-Chick)

Melanie Prough "Baby" said...

Hi Lisa,
I enjoy the read, and the Giggles!


Tim Nash said...

Thanks Melanie for the link and the vote of confidence :)

While I tend to rad a lot my feed reader has just over 200 feeds in it a couple of good suggestions might be..

Both I would consider must reads
I shall now get back to my supposed week holiday see you at TIP.

Tim Nash said...

This comment has been removed because it linked to malicious content. Learn more.

Melanie Prough "Baby" said...

Thanks Tim,
I will Add those to the post in a sec. Who said you were allowed a holiday? Hmmmmm.


Fimo said...

thanks for the tips.

Sarvesh Bagla said...

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