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August 3, 2007

How to Push, Pull, and Drag Pages out of Google's Supplemental Index

Most webmasters have at least one site plagued with supplemental issues, I do also. Google got rid of the operators to search for the supplemental pages. Then recently the took their notation out of the site operator search. Google says "Hey don't worry about your supplemental pages, we're crawling that too". I will tell you this today, me to you, that's complete BS.....I have a site ranked #1 for its prime keywords on all 3 engines, but has over 200 supplemental pages. Those pages are linked, fixed, updated, unique and SEO sound.........for over 2 months and they remain in the supplemental index. So I set out to find out what others have done to get out!

I read, and I read......same after page and Blog after Blog. Why is Google making it so hard for us to view our supplemental results? What is the problem, how can we fix what we cannot see? BTW see the Cog's Google operator guide for the new operator to find your supplemental pages, compliments of Webnauts. What is the problem? I even emailed Google, said why are my totally redesigned pages still in your supplemental index? No answer 2 months now!

I suspect that a site worthy of page one listings for nearly all of its keywords on Google could get an dang crawl for its supplemental pages once in a while! These pages are being cached, just not crawled. So what do we do?

I have a theory, what if the pages were moved without redirects for the robots. I can redirect my backlinks and visitors, but not the spiders. So effectively forcing them to de-index the pages, but not remove them. After the pages are de-indexed, I quickly let the crawlers back into those pages and undo the redirects, back to normal. Now, I realize the pages will take a hit for probably 3 months, but hell they are not showing in SERPs anyhow! Make a new sitemap, resubmit it in Google tools and wait.

I really am at a loss...aside from trying something like this, my options are ignore the supplemental, or rename and relink the pages and give up the effective structure and solid links I have established. The site is not a big deal, its my personal site that I have toyed with from my early learning days....that's how it landed in the supplemental. I am troubled though that a site can be so effective in the SERPs, have high SEO scores, over 2600 backlinks in Google Tools 40% deep links, and be in this type of situation STILL!

So aside from practicing drastic theory like above the standard is:

  1. Redesign the pages where necessary, remove ALL spam. Unique content!
  2. Reevaluate Meta for uniqueness
  3. Take a good hard look at a spider's ability to get to that page with your current navigation. Get a sitemap!
  4. Get those pages linked to by good PR authority sites.
  5. Cross your fingers!

All joking aside, Google needs to fix this...pages should not just go there and die! I don't think they should use an extraordinary amount of resources to crawl it, but every 3 months is not what I had in mind either!

Feel free to comment as always, relevant comments will result in post edits with credit!

Peace and SEO

Melanie Prough

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David Nilsson said...

Hello! Don't know if anyone else told you this before but anyway...
The background image you are using is very bad and makes me (at least) to not read on your website since it stings in my eyes...

Baby said...

I have no image behind the text I removed it a few days either you are slow to comment or need to clear your cache. But either way the old background image was only a light parchment image, hard "eye stinging" when you read...but thanks for commenting anyways.

Baby said...

** hardly "eye stinging"