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July 30, 2007

Wikia Search. Look Out Google, Wiki has Community Search on the Horizon.

It's no secret I am a BIG Wiki fan, and not such a big Google fan. So you can imagine I am pretty happy to see Wiki's Jimmy Wales and co-founder Angela Beesley, taking a original stab at Google's search market share. To this end he has started Wikia a for profit search engine company!

Wikia has outlined these 4 Organizing Principals for themselves:

  1. Transparency - Openness in how the systems and algorithms operate, both in the form of open source licenses and open content + APIs.
  2. Community - Everyone is able to contribute in some way (as individuals or entire organizations), strong social and community focus.
  3. Quality - Significantly improve the relevancy and accuracy of search results and the searching experience.
  4. Privacy - Must be protected, do not store or transmit any identifying data. "Pursuing the Holy Grail of Privacy Protection"
If they can just meet these principals alone they will be leaps above the top 10! You can join in the development discussion too!

Recently, Wikia acquired Grub, a distributed crawler developed by Looksmart. Grub is run on volunteer citizen's PCs all over the world as a background process. This keeps Wikia from have to initiate their own network, at least for the moment. The only real information I have about this crawler is that now I will have to unblock it from my sites, I have it blocked as in the past it has been a rude robot.

The new Wikia search service will combine computer-driven algorithms and human-assisted editing when the company launches a public version of the search site toward the end of 2007, Wales said in a phone interview.

Wikia is going to be a combination search, humans will interact with the queried terms to affect seeming unaffectable issues....such as "hit" like with your hand and a music CD cut. Right now Wikia has about 35 full time employees who are in the process of developing Wikia's own relevancy ranking system for results. The results are generated with Lucerne, another open source program for indexing.

Visually, Search Wikia will have the standard search-engine interface. "The differences will be that at various points all along that search process, there'll be opportunities for people to engage with the community and join and participate in the construction of the search results," Wales said.

There is not much other information as far as indexing, sitemap protocol, tools and submission process....but its early. I think this is exactly what the Internet needs! I suspect it won't be long after launch that they will have to assemble their own network to crawl and index in addition to the volunteer network. There is qualified historical reasoning that this could be VERY big.

If you have anything to add, please comment. I was unable to find much on Lucerne programming. Like to hear from someone unning Grub on their PC also.

Peace and SEO

Melanie Prough

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I am not a Googl fun too. I like more the wiki proyects are not by Google.