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July 7, 2007

Google Aquires JotSpot Powerful Wiki / Web 2.0 Web Application Platform

Web 2.0 is the natural evolution of the web as we know it, applications and sites move towards a more user friendly and interactive interface. Things like social bookmarking, Google Adsense, Wiki Pages, Flickr, blogging, tagging, and syndication, are some Web 2.0 elements we see everyday.

Web 2.0 started in a conference with Tim O'Reilly and Dale Dougherty (MediaLive Int.). O'Reilly thought that the web had recovered and new sites were all over the place, signifying how important the web really is. He believed the collapse signified some kind of turning point or revision for the web. So he suggested that "rev" or "mod" be called Web 2.0, everyone agreed and so the Web 2.0 Conference was created.

In October 2006 Google bought JotSpot a company proving Wiki / Web 2.0 Web Application Platform software interface. JotSpot is based in Palo Alto, CA., and is the very first Wiki Ap. company ever. It was established in 2004 by founders Joe Kraus and Graham Spencer ( JotSpot develops applications and interfaces which allow users to make and publish Wiki applications. The major difference in a regular Wiki and a JotSpot Wiki is the ability to make spreadsheets, calendars, documents and photo galleries for the web in a user editor-like interface. Regular Wikis generally just have text. Google just announced July 6/2007 that Google will add JotSpot to Google Aps. JotSpot will give Google users the ability to create Wikis and team web sites.

Currently the JotSpot web site is not accepting any new registrations, while they move over to Google.....but you can leave you email address to be notified when they are functional again. JotSpot will discontinue it's "paid" program immediately, users will no longer be billed after their current billing cycle closes...the Google way!

JotSpot has a full featured API program, that we will more than likely see Google readily adopt. I visited the developers blog and I was very impressed with the amount of raw knowledge that was openly shared, without searching all day and jumping though hoops!

They have some big name partners, including, the Intel Software Network .... have a look at their Wiki using the JotSpot interface. Notice the bookmarking buttons, tags and cloud, and RSS feed! Wiki has arrived! I think this is a far less "geeky" interface that will certainly attract and engage far more users.

I encourage you to read up on JotSpot, here is the regular blog page. I would also suggest you add your email address here to say "get in line", I know I want one!

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