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June 27, 2007

Yahoo Puts Serious Content into its Image Search

Yahoo made a market stopping to look kind of move by adding over 300 million Flickr images to its vertical image search. Yahoo is linked up with Flickr via a live data feed, so the exchange is nearly instantaneous. When a Flickr user uploads an image, by the time they can navigate to Yahoo it should be in results.

The Flickr results work a little different than regular image results. They are noted with the Flickr User Name in link form that when clicked opens that users gallery. Additionally, you are able to search in Yahoo Image Search by Flickr User Name for images related to that user. The Flickr image results are only from the Flickr galleries marked as Safe content.

Users love user generated is the HOTTEST thing collectively on the table. Yahoo has made a smart move here.

Google has been crawling Flickr for some time, but ineffectively only locating and indexing 3.7 million images or so. Yahoo hit pop fly in the hole by instituting the data feed and indexing over 300 million. Users already know and trust Yahoo, they will like this and use it. So Yahoo heads vertical in perhaps more ways than one!

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