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June 9, 2007

Google Busted Agian

My dad told me recently about how in 2003 Google got in a mess for collecting visitors personal information. I didn't verify this so if you have more details, please comment away. Now today the LA Times is reporting that good ole' Google has their hand in the cookie jar again, apparently Google ...

The company says its stockpiles data to help its search engine better understand its users so it can deliver more relevant results and advertisements.

I think perhaps this is not a big deal if they are using it for better search and performance issues, but advertisements? The article says a serious concern is....

Privacy International is particularly troubled by Google's ability to match
data gathered by its search engine with information collected from other
services such as e-mail, instant messaging and maps.

I can see that as a potentially harmful situation, someone or bot scanning your Gmail for helpful "search terms"....'cmon. Who has the right besides perhaps the Department of Homeland Defense to have access to your email, messenger text, or maps without your consent? Why doesn't Google just generate surveys like everyone else has to?

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