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June 2, 2007

Are you getting credit for your blog links?

Many Blog software companies are installing shiney nofollow tags in your Blogs. What that means is by adding rel="nofollow" to a hyperlink, your Blog is saying to the spider do not look there. Additionally no link juice will be given for the backlink. If you have done this in a reciprocol deal and they pull a backlink report they will see you have a nofollow tag on their link. They are going to drop your like like a hot potato.

The Blogs I use are Blogspot (Google Blogger). I went into the source page code and expanded the widgets on all 3 of the blogs I care for and I found 2 nofollow tags. The article I read said just to clear the tag, empty the quotes... But I decided to take it a step furthur. So I replaced them with the new rel="follow" tags! The word is this doubles the weight of the link, according to this report. So check your Blogs.... Fight back, Blogs are daily work and we deserve the links.

8/12/2007 EDIT
Here is a nice post from
SEO-Scoop regarding a "Do Follow" plugin list, with some thoughts and progress on the subject.

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